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Legal and Compliance Update

Recent Supreme Court and appellate rulings have had a profound impact on the qualified plan landscape in terms of fiduciaries duties to plans. In particular, stock drop, and reverse stock drop, cases have had potentially standard alternating decisions delivered in the past few months.

Fiduciary Focus: Reducing Your Personal and Corporate Liability

“Joint and several liability” means that while serving in a fiduciary capacity for a retirement plan you might be placing your personal belongings (car, house, savings, etc.) at risk in the event you breach your responsibilities. Join us for an online webinar as we discuss multiple ways that you can mitigate those risks and reduce potential liability.

Retirement Plan Fees: Are you getting the best deal?

Recent legislation has put a bigger focus on the fiduciary requirement to understand and evaluate your plan’s fees.

Improving Plan Outcomes

As we all join the quest to enhance participant outcomes, what are the most effective and pragmatic ways for plan sponsors to move the needle? The webinar will provide you takeaways based on case studies, behavioral finance, and future potential developments within the industry that will allow you to impact your participants’ retirement while staying within your corporate budget.

Redefining Retirement Plan Success

The definition of a successful retirement plan has dramatically changed in recent years from “participation rates” to “participant outcomes.” With the majority of participants not saving and investing appropriately to achieve retirement security, this session explores pragmatic changes you can make now to improve results for everyone from the receptionist to the CEO.

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