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Retirement Plan Advisory Group

Chartered Financial Services knows that as a sponsor and fiduciary to your company’s 401(k) plan, you have a responsibility to help ensure plan performance and success. To assist you at the highest level possible, we have partnered with Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), a national alliance of independent advisors. Together, we share a common purpose – to serve the retirement goals of qualified and nonqualified retirement plan clients alike. We are committed to providing independent investment analysis and staying on top of your fiduciary responsibility. With the tools available through RPAG, we aim to help you improve plan value by evaluating investments and recommending fund additions, subtractions, and replacements. Your Fiduciary Briefcase provides access to your plan’s online fiduciary documentation portal.

Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

At Chartered Financial Services, we believe clients come first, which is why we have partnered with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge). As a leading independent broker-dealer, Cambridge allows us to offer unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance as well as the freedom to structure our business in a manner that best serves our clients.

We believe clients come first, and we all need the freedom to customize our businesses, our way, to best serve our clients. Instead of asking us to fit into a mold of how it thinks we should do business, Cambridge empowers us with a vast menu of compliance-friendly programs, products, and services. This enables us to customize strategies designed to meet your one-of-a-kind financial needs.

Click here for more information about Cambridge and its history of independence.

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